The Maritime aquarium


The Maritime Aquarium warmly welcomes all of our guests. We provide a variety of services, accommodations, and frequently asked questions for individuals and groups with special needs.  If you have questions or would like help planning your visit, feel free to contact our Accessibility Coordinator via email or phone.


  • Sensory Friendly Map

    • This map provides a guide indicating parts of the aquarium that are best suited for our guests who would like to avoid bright lights, loud noise and other sensory experiences that may be overwhelming. 

  • Staff Training

    • Over the past two years, we have made a substantial effort to train our staff about how to welcome and accommodate individuals and groups with special needs.

  • Pricing

    • We provide special pricing for individuals and groups who have special needs. Contact our Accessibility Coordinator or Reservations Department for information.

  • Service Dogs are welcomed

  • Our first aid room can serve as a calming area or adult changing room.

  • If guests with special needs must leave the aquarium within 30 minutes of entry, we will provide you with ticket to come back another day.

    To learn more about accommodations at the Aquarium, click here.


On Sensory Friendly Mornings, the Aquarium opens two hours earlier than usual (at 8 a.m.)  From 8 a.m until noon, the Aquarium plans a special morning to give guests with sensory-processing differences a fun, comfortable and accepting environment.

  • Lights in the Aquarium will be lower, while music and other sounds will be turned down or off.

  • The Aquarium will show specially selected IMAX® movies, with lower volume and theater lights less dim.

  • A special low-volume seal-training demonstration is planned for 8:30 a.m.

  • Admission prices between 8 and 9:30 am will be discounted.

To learn more about events at the Aquarium, click here.


  • Many members of the aquarium’s education staff are trained to work with individuals and groups who have special needs.  We are happy to discuss appropriate adjustments to our existing programs to fit the needs of students. We are also happy to discuss developing new programs for groups. For either of these purposes, please contact our Accessibility Coordinator well in advance of the date you would like to schedule a program.

  • We lower our normal group minimum to 8 clients for groups with special needs.

  • We provide free or discounted chaperones up to a 1to1 ratio (normally 1 to 7.)

  • We offer double lunch reservations for groups who may need longer than the normally scheduled 25 minutes.

  • We allow groups with special needs to make group reservations with less than our normal required 24 hours advanced notice.

  • We allow last minute cancellations and/or reschedules with no monetary penalties.

To learn more about programs at the Aquarium, click here.

Contact People

Bonnie Newman and Maggie Curlee | 203.852.0700 extension 2270 or 2332


10 North Water Street

Norwalk, Connecticut 06854